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New York Lakes

Lake Oneida

There’s a reason Bassmaster and FLW fish this lake yearly, it’s one of the finest lakes for catching both largemouth and smallmouth in the Northeast. If you want to stay shallow and target largemouth in the abundant vegetation and docks or target the wolfpacks of smallmouth roaming the lake, you can do it here. I generally target largemouth when the weather is rough and smallies on the sunny days. On this lake, you have options. If you can you make it here on a decent weather day, prior to ice-up, look out! The smallmouth get extremely aggressive in late October and November and will destroy a multitude of baits…  As a side bonus, I’ve caught quite a few walleye while bass fishing here (they love spinnerbaits and jerkbaits too). Word of warning, ensure you have studied a lake map and have up to date mapping software prior to running around on this lake as it can be dangerous with many shallow, rocky shoals.

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Lake Champlain

Arguably the greatest multispecies bass lake in North America (this is tough one for me with the St Lawrence river/Lake Ontario close by). If there’s something better, let me know! On consecutive casts, you may catch a stout largemouth followed by a brown bomber. They’re both here and in great numbers. This is one of the few lakes in America where 20lb sacks of smallmouth and largemouth are weighed in at the same event. To say this lake is huge is an understatement, it’s giant. Many will launch in Plattsburgh and make 60 mile runs south to target the abundant largemouth found in the Ticonderoga area. I leave those runs to the young and the bold… The winds can pick up quick and produce waves you may not be accustomed to unless you fish the north atlantic). When the fishing gets red hot in the TI, I will trailer down and launch there. I generally like to fish close to Plattsburgh where the 3lb smallies and prevalent and good size largemouth can be targeted as well. In addition to the phenomenal fishing, the scenery is without equal. Fishing here will truly make one feel blessed. Simply put, it’s beautiful.

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Mohawk River

A great place to target largemouth and smallmouth close to Albany that can get overlooked when compared to the world class fisheries just a little further north. I enjoy targeting largemouth here in the expansive vegetation available in the crescent pool. It reminds me a lot of fishing in Florida (without the 10+lbers though). The pools heading west are full of smallmouth bass ready to battle.

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