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Fishing report 16-23 Feb

I’ve been jumping around to a few lakes the past week. Fishing has definitely turned on in Florida, especially in kenansville, the stick marsh, and Osborne. I had four trips on okeechobee with mixed results, on two days I smoked them and two days were okay.

I started out the week with Seth and Seth Jr from Miami on a beautiful day in okeechobee. We had a great day on the water and caught some bass and a catfish on shiners. The giants were hiding from us and we look to get back after again on another trip.

On Sunday, I busted them up on the stick marsh by myself in the am. I left them biting and headed home to okeechobee for a few hours of fishing till sunset and it was awesome. The monkey box put out like it hasn’t in months. Fishing was dynamite and the conditions were perfect.  A huge wave of spawners were there and biting! The next day, I had a short trip with Shannon and McKenna from Kentucky on the big o. I had a blast with them and they caught fish on lures, which is fun. Of course, McKenna struck first but Shannon got the big one.

I had a personal trip to Osborne for peacocks, clown knifefish, and largemouth. Being the dummy that I am, I left my phone in the truck and caught some peacocks that needed to get photo famous. Another day. The largemouth were biting really well on top waters and so were the peacocks. Peacocks are mean! I had several that broke the small table hooks off the baits. I was able to catch a 7lb largemouth on a spinning rod with 10lb test, which is by far my big for Osborne.

I had a half day trip with Derek and Max, all the way from England, on okeechobee. Max maybe young, but he’s quite the angler. He looked at me like I was crazy when i asked if he could throw a bait caster. Max got to tangle with some of Florida’s meanest bass on shiners. It was another beautiful day in the water.

I fished with my good friends Rob and Lisa from Nc on okeechobee for a few hours and the following day on kenansville. We caught fish and, more importantly, got to hang out on the water. The kenansville started out great; I hit an alligator running to my first spot. This wasn’t intentional, but with the lake so low and the grass so thick, it’s next to impossible to spot them.  I will being seeing the Yamaha dude in the next day or so to fix some minor damages. As for the fishing, it was great on shiners. Lisa caught a few nice ones and the most!