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Meet the Team

Bronze Star Bass is veteran owned and operated small business. It’s a team effort, with Scott handling the bass fishing guide part of the business and Jessie handling everything else. He and his wife (who is also bad ass USA Today bestselling author and who can also throw a bait caster much to her father’s shock) deployed to Iraq together in 2009 and have been married for almost 20 years. He knows he’s a lucky man to have a wife that encourages him to get a bigger boat and more equipment to pursue his fishing dreams.

The Gear

Scott primarily uses Shimano and Daiwa reels with Abu Garcia and Denali rods. You will fish out of a 2019 Skeeter ZX250 with an Ultrex trolling motor, dual power poles, and humminbird electronics. Equipment provided for every trip.

Meet Scott

I’m retired from the US Army. I served over 20 years on active duty and completed 4 combat tours to Iraq lasting 50 months. Between tours in Iraq, I started taking fellow Soldiers on fishing adventures throughout the great state of Texas. Ultimately, this experience led me to my post retirement occupation, guiding.

I consider myself very fortunate. I was able to serve my nation for many years and now I get to take folks out fishing on some of the greatest lakes in Florida and New York.

My wife is the spousal unicorn. She actually encourages me to fish often and talked me into buying a new boat this year… She’s also an active duty Army officer who currently teaches at West Point and writes books in her spare time. We also have two daughters who specialize in driving us nuts and a small zoo’s worth of pets (at last count, 3 dogs, 4 cats and 2 demanding guinea pigs). 

My 40 Year Love Affair with Fishing

I started fishing almost 40 years ago. When I was 5 years old, my parents bought my brother and I zebco 33s for our birthday and life was never the same. We would spend every waking hour at the local ponds in Charlotte. In fact, we enjoyed it a bit too much. We decided fishing was more important than school and made the executive decision to schedule fishing trips during school hours…. Once my parents got wind of this and seized our rods and bikes, we just toughened up and hiked to the ponds and fished with tree limbs, a little bit of line, and a hook baited with mussels (we had a creek loaded with them).

When I was around 10 years old or so, I went out with my uncle, who was a commercial fisherman, fishing for crabs in the summer and oysters in the winter on the Chesapeake bay. I was hooked. I knew then what I wanted to do. It only took me around 30 years to get around to it.

Why Bronze Star Fishing?

Fishing is a great way for me to give back to my fellow veterans. I offer discounts to all veterans who fish with me and have worked with charities like Warriors on the Water to provide trips to less fortunate combat veterans. During my last combat deployment, a couple of my buddies and I were discussing what we would do when the Army was no longer our life. At first, they laughed when I told them my plans, but over time, each became interested in the life of a fisherman. I started this business with the hopes that my Army buddies would eventually join me.  They are retiring from the Army soon. We will see if they sign up!

Why Fish with Me?

I will work hard to make your time with me enjoyable, relaxing, and memorable. Each trip is tailored to your needs. Whether you are a seasoned angler looking to jumpstart your learning of a new lake, looking to spend a relaxing day on the water with family, or seriously in pursuit of that personal best, monster bass, I can help out. When fishing with me, you do the fishing, not me. You fish up front and I provide any tips or advice needed.

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