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Caught a Giant? Time for a replica mount!

There’s no need to kill a giant bass to have it mounted. Replica mounts look better, last longer, and require less maintenance than a skin mount. My father-in-law is a taxidermist and he doesn’t even do skin mounts anymore.

Have patience when ordering a mount and be realistic on expected completion. I’ve seen them done in two months and others that take a year. I would suggest you discuss the timeline with whoever you choose to complete your mount.


Remember, it’s easy to have a long lasting beautiful mount if you will follow these steps:

  1. Catch a giant fish.
  2. Take a good picture of the fish.
  3. Get a length & girth measurement.
  4. Send the pic and measurements to a taxidermy shop that specializes in replica mounts.


Below are a couple shops who do great mounts.

  • Lake Fork Taxidermy. I seen a bunch of their mounts and have always been impressed.
  • Dave Campbell Fish -A bit pricey, but truly an artist. The mounts that I’ve seen done by him are without equal.
  • Rick’s Taxidermy, 330-482-4168.

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