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…. Along with some peacocks and snakeheads

What a great week! I have seen some monsters over the last week fishing the headwaters. On one trip, we had an 8 and a 10 shiner fishing with a bunch of their smaller buddies to keep things interesting.

The day after that trip, I snatched a 9.5 on a giant senko.

Yesterday, I ran a trip for peacocks on Ida and they were biting… In addition, we caught  some awesome looking/hard fighting snakeheads and cichlids. 

Today, I had off. My neighbor, who guides as well, had off and had just picked up his new Skeeter FXR20 that needed to be broken in properly on the headwaters… So long story short, he jacks a 10.9 on his first day fishing out of his new boat. How cool is that? He definitely needs to play the lotto this week. 

It will be tough to top this week, but I will try.