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Fishing report 3 Mar-10 Mar

Started out the week by finishing up a 3 day trip with Keith and Alicia from West Virginia. In my last update, Keith had gotten his new pb (8.14 largemouth) on day 1 and Alicia decided to follow up the following day on the stick marsh with her new pb. To top that off, we went after peacocks the following day on lake ida and caught a beauty.  I had a blast fishing with the, and they both got new PBs and Keith got to tangle with some South American gangsters. Peacocks are mean!

I took a few days off to head home, see the family, and recognize why I hare living in NY in the winter…. it was cold.  When I left palm beach, it was in the 80s. When I arrived in NY,it was in the 20s.

I had Seth and Seth jr back out for a trip to holiday park in the Everglades for a whatever bites trip. In the glades on any given day, you can catch: largemouth, peacocks, oscars, bluegill, various cichlids, and big ol bowfin.  We caught most of them during the trip and I stuck a giant bowfin later in the day after they left. As usual, I had a great day fishing with Seth and Seth jr… we will do it again next year I’m sure.