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Starting off 2024 with a bang! 


I’ve been fishing the Headwaters and Kenansville over the last month and the big mommas are starting to chomp… This week we had a couple tanks on Kenansville (8lbers) and I had a great numbers trip on Headwaters with over 50 fish in 6 hours of fishing. As usual, the shiner fishing has been the most consistent bite.  However, I had a couple great days punching for bass recently and had a phenomenal day slinging a chatterbait on the Headwaters. Hopefully, the weather will straighten out and the good times will continue. 

I get quite a few questions about the same topic: what is the best time of the year to fish in Florida? The answer, it depends on what you want and if you’re willing to sacrifice bites for quality. Dec, Jan, and Feb are the best times of the year to target giant fish as many have not spawned and are at their largest weight they will be all year. The drawback to fishing in Jan and Feb is the possibility of bad weather. Florida bass are greatly impacted by cold weather fronts and a big front can put a damper on a trip.  If numbers are your thing with chances of a big one too, I prefer Mar and Apr. These months normally have great weather and the catch numbers are just crazy! Last Mar, we had many trips where we caught over 80 fish and a few where we broke the 100 fish barrier! We still catch fish over 10lbs in Mar and Apr, but not as consistently as Jan and Feb.