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It’s almost that time of year when I head north to New York to start snatching smallmouth out of lakes. However, I’m still down here in Florida playing around in the headwaters searching for giants. I will be here for another two weeks or so chasing bass, both largemouth and peacocks! 

I’ve had a truly great last month of fishing… Even the days that were tough were still great and the great days were just awesome! I’ve primarily been fishing the headwaters with a few trips to the stick marsh. As for the report, the shiner fishing is still lights out. Nothing more to say… If you know where to shiner fish in the headwaters, you will catch fish. It’s that easy. We’re getting to the time of year where fishing with lures can surpass the shiner bite. Recently, I’ve been catching fish on topwaters, senkos, swim jigs, and chatterbaits.  The lure bite will only get better over the next month with the frog and punching bite picking up significantly.  

I’m off to Lake Ida tomorrow to tangle with Peacocks and Snakeheads! It’s going to be awesome…