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Overall, it’s been a great month of fishing in south Florida.  The shiner bite, as usual, is awesome with good numbers and size coming recently.  Lure fishing is consistent  on headwaters and inconsistent at most other lakes. 

Shiner fishing has been outstanding and the lure bite isn’t much behind.  Big fish were caught this week on a bunch of different baits including ploppers, big worms, chatterbaits and flipped plastics.  The headwaters is producing more consistently than any other lake around.  

Prior to the elites and FLW coming, the lake was putting out a bunch of monster bags.  However, after over a hundred of the best hammers in the world pay a visit, the fishery needs a rest.  The lake is fishing really small, and many fish were given boat rides away from the spots.  The crappie fishing on Okeechobee is still hot. 

It’s been inconsistent lately.  I had a trip where we had a 26 lb bag on lures and two days later struggled for bites.  Per the norm for kville, monsters are still being caught.  

The peacock fishing has been good and getting better.  As the waters warm, the fishing will only get better. Shiners work great if you can’t catch Shad.  Topwaters work well around docks and grass. 

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