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Fishing report

Jan 29-Feb 2

Feb 3-the fishing is really heating up on kenansville and the stick marsh.

Best news first, on Friday Rob from NC and I headed to the stick marsh for a few hours to check on conditions and make a few casts. It was on! In four hours, we had an 8 two 5s, a 4 and a gang of 3lbers. When the marsh gets tight, you can absolutely smash them like no other lake.

Started out the reporting period with a trip to kenansville with Ontario John and NC Rob that went good but not great.  We caught a bunch of 3lbers and 2 4s but couldn’t get the giants in the boat. It will happen. The water is warming and the fishing is getting better everyday. Time.

Had a trip to Okeechobee with Rob from my neck of the woods, NY.  I can’t BS you, the fishing was slow but we still had a great time on the water and caught a few fish. Okeechobee is fishing funky right now with a lot of folks catching them in the rim ditch. Not really my style of fishing, but can be effective in low water and/or cold water.

Rob and I hit kenansville on Saturday to fish for some big ones.  It was sunny with zero wind. Kenansville fishes much better with wind. We ended up catching a sunburn and their little brothers. Next time you fargin bastages.