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Just got back from a trip to Costa Rica to tangle with beasts that hit like Tyson and pull like a freight train. It was my first time fishing there, but went with some buds who’ve been going for 20 years. While we didn’t catch them in the numbers they have in the past, we certainly had quality.

I had two fish in the 150lb class and buds caught another 150 and a 170. I’ve caught tarpon in Texas and quite a few in Florida that were significantly smaller than these brutes. The crazy thing is we had an even bigger fish jump off at the boat that had to be 200+… Just amazing fishing with little to no fishing pressure.

Florida Fishing Report
I’ll be fishing in Florida from 1 Dec – Mid April for giant large mouth bass. I’ll sneak away for a few trips targeting peacock bass or crappie too. Really looking forward to tangling with some giants.  Here’s a few pics of the tarpon and a few pics of monsters we ran into last year in Florida!