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Fishing report 3-8 feb.

After the cold fronts a few weeks back, and the brutal fishing that followed, all the lakes I fish are starting to fish well now.

I started out fishing Okeechobee with Cesar, Manny and Danny from Miami. We had a mixed bag of bass, catfish and bowfin. We fished with shiners on a beautiful day with light winds and warming waters. It is great when you take folks out that catch their first bass.  

Next, I fished with NC Rob on the stick marsh. We caught some nice fish on a great day on the water.  They were biting the normal assortment: chatterbaits, swim jigs, swim baits and plastics. The water is in the 70s and they are beginning to chomp.

The next two days I fished with Chris from New Jersey on the stick marsh and kenansville.  We caught a bunch of fish on the normal baits, plus the speed worm, and saw a bunch of spawners.  With the rapidly rising water temps and upcoming big moon, the February spawning wave will be huge. A lot of big fish were caught the last week in both of these lakes.

It’s only going to get better!