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Jan 20-This week I’ve been fishing with my new Canadian friends, John and Pete from Ontario. Like most Canadians i meet, they’re polite and can fish! We’ve hit several lakes, Kissimmee/Okeechobee/Stick Marsh/Jackson/Garcia, and had a hell of a time doing it! One of the perks of the job is getting to fish with different folks from different places. At the end of the day, you realize good people are good people, regardless of where you live or fish… I’ve had a great time fishing with these guys and feel like I’ve known them for years. Bottomline, they’re good people.

We need two things to help the fishing, catch some water in these lakes and have stable weather. These fish don’t like cold or fronts. A few good days of warm weather should get them right and ready to chomp. Garcia, Kenansville, and Jackson are close to becoming unfishable due to a lack of water.   

As for the report, fishing has been fair on artificials and much better on shiners. Many of the lakes have been sprayed and sprayed, which has definitely affected the fishing. Nevertheless, the fish are still there and catchable. You just need to change how you fish. In years past, you could flip vegetation all day catch a good bag. On Okeechobee now, the good vegetation is gone and water is a couple of feet low. My spots from years past are now in a foot of water. The fish have moved and the lakes are fishing small. Many fish are being caught on stickbaits, jerkbaits (both hard and soft), and flipping plastics and jigs. If the wind lays down, I’ll be on the water tomorrow searching for that big bite!